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 Perfect Structured City

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PostSubject: Perfect Structured City   Perfect Structured City I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 27, 2009 9:58 am

Cities are all to often neglected once NPC farming begins, we assume that we do not need to worry about specifics or little details about our cities and put it off again and again. Your city makeup is by far the most important part in increasing your strength and warring capabilities. I myself was lulled into thinking I did not need to worry about upgrading or removing useless buildings.

Maybe you just do not know the most efficient city structure like many of us! This guide will help fill in the blanks for everyone out there who are unsure or just misinformed.

I will break this guide up into 2 sections; Town Section and City Section.

Town Section

- 6-9 cottages all lvl 9 or 10 ( If you run out of population when building troops just drop your production down to 0%. Once you click to build all your troops raise your production back to 100%)

- 14 - 19 Barracks ( If all your technologies are maxed you can remove all your Workshops, Stables, Inns, Forges and replace with barracks)

The more barracks you have the faster you can build blocks of troops. The fewer cotages you have the smaller those blocks of troops can be based on your population even when you 0 out production. This is a trade off you must decide for yourself. I favor 17 barracks per city now, but others do well with 19. Having less then 6 cottages makes the blocks too small and it actually reduces troop production because they sit un cued for so long between log-ins.

- 1 Becon Tower ( Must be lvl 9 or 10 allows you to see when you are under attack and how much shit is heading your way)

- 1 Academy ( Minimum of lvl 9 in every city. Your archers are only as strong of tech level as your academy level allows from that city.)

- 1 Embassy ( Allow guild members to Garrison your city to aid you when needed.)

- 1 Marketplace (I like to have a marketplace in every city just makes things easier. You do not have to worry about the level to much.)

- 1 Feasting Hall ( Min lvl 9 to allow for maximum amount of heroes to send plenty of Loyalty waves against enemies or NPC farming waves for that matter)

- 1 Rally Point ( This is a very important building! If it is not lvl 10 you have to use a War Ensign scroll every time you want to send 100k of troops. I suggest spend your Michel scripts on your Rally Points.)

- 1 Relief Station (This should be lvl 9 in every city, it allows you faster movement between cities for faster response time as well as increased troop movement speed for allies to help reinforce your cities.)

- 1 Town Hall ( The level of this does not matter all to much I would suggest keep it low until all your resource buildings are lvl 9 and you could use more open spots. As Binary has researched no one really fooks with a lvl 3 town with lvl 9 walls.)

City Section

- 14 Ironmine (If you are farming lvl 10 NPC's I would suggest having 20 Ironmines.)

- 14 Sawmill ( If you are farming lvl 10 NPC's I would suggest having 20 Sawmills.)

- 12 Farms ( if you are farming lvl 10 NPC's you can remove farms as you see works for you)

This is the perfect city composition for the end game warring DePRAE member. Remember your warring capability and ability to rebound during intense wars depends greatly on your cities structure.
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Perfect Structured City
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