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 Level 10 NPC Farming

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PostSubject: Level 10 NPC Farming   Level 10 NPC Farming I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 1:05 pm

Okay as you may or may not already know lvl 10 NPC farming is the next leap into increasing your strength and warring capabilities. Farming lvl 10 NPC's allows you to sustain multiple 100k armies enabling you to be almost untouchable and a force to be feared by most. (if you are farming lvl 4 and 5 NPC's and food is just to damn hard to keep your armies up it may be time to step up to lvl 10's)

- All important technologies should be maxed out before attempting this.

Firstly follow these directions and do not deviate one tiny bit even if it seems logical to you to change.

1. Send 2 waves hitting within the same 3 seconds consisting of:

- Worker 10
- Warrior 7000
- Scout 10
- Pike 10
- Sword 10
- Archer 10
- Calv 1
- Cat 1

2. Send your main wave with a hero that has an attack of 180 120 minimum. (if you do not have a hero over 180 use Corset and War Horn.) You will need a War ensign to enable you to send 100k troops from your ralley point if it is not lvl 10. Send your main wave 1 or 2 seconds after your first 2 warrior waves (!Be sure to send all 3 waves within 10 seconds of each other and do not send the first 2 at 12:59 58 and your main waves at 13:00 00 or the NPC will regain alot of troops on the new minute!) Your Main/Archer/3rd wave will consist of:

- Worker 1000
- Warrior 1000
- Scout 500
- Pike 500
- Sword 500
- Archer 93995
- TraNS 2000
- Calv 1
- Cataphract 1

P.S. After you successfully attack and loot a lvl 10 NPC with around 3-10k loses in archers send 95k archers at the same lvl 10 NPC with your hero you want to lvl up every 30 mins. Your hero will gain aproximately 3 lvls each attack, hopefully you can get him at 180 or closer to for your next farming attack.

-Lvl 10 NPC's like all NPC do not fully respawn all of its resources for 8 hours so only continue to hit if you want to lvl your hero up. queen
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PostSubject: Re: Level 10 NPC Farming   Level 10 NPC Farming I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 20, 2009 11:06 pm

Like everything in EVO, as we learn more, we find better ways to do it. In my case, I have noticed I get consistently good results with the following main wave:

1000 workers
1000 warriors
330 scouts
330 pike
330 swords
95000 archers
1 cav
1 cata
2000 transports

And I use the same first two waves until my hero gets over 225.

Once my heros get over 225 attack, I only send 1 wave of warriors, and continue to get the same results. I have heard that some people send the main wave with no war waves, and I will try that when my hero gets over 275 atk I think. Cutting down to 1 war wave makes a big difference in how quickly you can send waves, and how many npcs you can farm at once. When I have a war horn or corset working, I can farm 3 lvl 10s from my capital city at the same time. When the other two heros get up to speed, I hope to do this more often to support an even bigger army.

Good Hunting...hope this is helpful
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PostSubject: A slight change in the MIX :)   Level 10 NPC Farming I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2010 6:55 pm

Hi All,

After some experimenting I have come up with a new mix for farming LVL 10 NPC's i have been testing this out for a while now and I am confident in the results. This mix seems to provide a much more stable level of archer loss with just under 5k after healing each time using some quite low heroes. The lowest attack hero I have used is one with an attack of 186 i would expect lower would also work but losses may increase.

The mix

A single wave consisting of
2000 - Workers
2000 - Worriors
4000 - scouts
90000 - Archers
2000 - Transports

remember that I am talking from a perspective of having all the tech maxed out so there might be some variance if u dont but I have been using this without an issue and i dont see the variance in archer loss i did with other methods.

Feel free to ask me about it if u want any further information
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PostSubject: Re: Level 10 NPC Farming   Level 10 NPC Farming I_icon_minitime

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Level 10 NPC Farming
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