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 Entangling Alliances

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PostSubject: Entangling Alliances   Entangling Alliances I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 19, 2009 12:34 pm

An interesting and potentially dangerous development happed this weekend with our declaration of war on Watchman.

As a recap, Watchman attacked Kelshing, and Hakkon decided to go to war over it...not that I blame him

He asked for my permission, and I granted it, saying "if you need help, let me know" Not thinking it was going to be a big war, I didn't worry about it too much.

A few hours later, Hakkon wrote me and said..."I think we are going to need some help with these guys"

My response was to whisper the leadership of WoW and Crazy to get the all clear to declare on Watchman. With their permission, I polled the corwd online at the time, and without objection, I declared on watchman.

A minute later, I got a whisper from the leader of Valkerie, former leader of Noxxis, asking "are we at war with Watchman?"

I responded by telling her that "Watchman had attacked our sister alliance, and that we were supporting them...feel free to join us, it will be fun..."

So a few seconds later, Valk declared war on Watchman...

A minute or less after that, KotRT, and then KotRT4, declared war on Watchman.

A minute after that I got another whisper from the host of Valk saying "Peace will join us as soon as their host loggs in"

So naturally I got very worried very fast...what was supposed to be a minor war with a mid ranked clan had just turned into the next front in the world war...and WE apeared to be on the side of Peace/KotRT!!!!

Needless to say, the host of watchman was whispering me very quickly asking "what do I have to do to end this war?" From that point of view, it was all very effective, but what damage might have been done to our standing with Crazy and WoW is not yet known.

This was an eye-popping turn of events which I did not expect, and a result of our successful diplomatic efforts with many large clan hosts like Valk.

I'm not sure how this will all play out atm, but want this information to go out to this level of leadership so we can be more aware of the various alliance ties on our server.

Good Hunting.
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Entangling Alliances
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