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"Oderint Dum Metuan" (Latin: Let them hate so long as they fear.)
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 Noxxis relationship

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Noxxis relationship Empty
PostSubject: Noxxis relationship   Noxxis relationship I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2009 12:27 pm

To [capriani]: can you tell me why you attacked Gene1 of DePRAE at Valikk (50, 152)?
<12:56>From [Capriani] : And you are...?
To [Capriani]: a vice of DePRAE...are you an officer in Noxxis?
<12:58>From [Capriani] : wow, that Gene guy must be quite popular. I never got so many mails and whispers about an attack as in this case Smile
<12:59>From [Capriani] : but to answer your question: he was there, no friend nor neutral and therefor fair game
To [capriani]: we are an active alliance, and we watch our war reports, are you speaking for Noxxis now?
<13:1>From [Capriani] : The rule we have in Noxx is quite simple. Everybody who is not on our friends list or Neutral list is fair game. And I am speaking for myself
To [capriani]: very well, who in noxx deals with diplomacy?
<13:3>[BoydF15]: barn do you have a contact in noxxis?
<13:4>From [Capriani] : You could try the Host I guess
To [Raphael]: are you online?
To [capriani]: ok, can you give the process time to run it's coarse before you attack again?
<13:6>From [Raphael] : yes
<13:7>From [Capriani] : Sure. Don't get all the fuzz about this anyway. That Gene is a cheater and he even applied for Noxx. Razz
To [raphael]: thx for the reply, ur guy capriani attacked a member of DePRAE. I would like to talk about a formal 'neutral' relationship to prevent more
To [raphael]: he was respectful when talking to me, so I will be the same, and hope we can build a repor with each other
<13:10>From [Raphael] : I am not doing diplomacy this weekend. Send me a mail and I'll look at it Tuesday
To [raphael]: do you have a vice that does diplomacy?
<13:11>From [Raphael] : You are talking to the person who handles it. I just am taking a holiday like everyone else.
To [raphael]: understood, I'll send the msg. I hope we can work together in the future, we would love to fight together with you against a comon foe...
<13:14>From [Raphael] : Have a great holiday weekend Wink
To [raphael]: thanks, you too...

Then I sent in mail form:

Your guy Capriani attacked a member of DePRAE. He reports that anyone not on friendly/neutral list is fair game for your alliance. I believe we can offer you a great deal as an ally. Our ability to coordinate attacks is better than most, and we have become experts at conquering player cities in less then an hour. I propose a 'neutral' relationship to prevent more attacks, and that we continue to talk about possible joint wars as friends.

If anyone else hears from a Noxxis guy, please be respectful and ask them to contact me for diplomacy.

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Noxxis relationship
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