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 DePRAE Diplomatic Pacts.

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DePRAE Diplomatic Pacts. Empty
PostSubject: DePRAE Diplomatic Pacts.   DePRAE Diplomatic Pacts. I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 31, 2009 1:56 pm

The Pact System will allow us to give friendly status more meaning and help us better organize each others status towards each other.

Now a pact is a written agreement between both alliance and can not be broken. Only an alliance Host may request a written pact between DePRAE.

These are the pacts that are available to all our allies any Host may write in game or post in our diplomatic channel to request changes in our written agreement. If 2 allies declare war on each other and DePRAE is in a pact we will take a neutral status militarily by default.

War Pact: To agree to this pact means that our alliances will have the most strongest bond possible, in times of war both alliances will fight to the fullest to defend each other, defensively and offensively. Both alliances are bound to fight together. For this pact to be valid both alliances in this pact must be informed of growing tentions and problems reasonably in advance of declaring war on an enemy.

Diplomatic Pact: To agree to this pact means that our alliances will help each other by any means possible such as sending resources, troops, and or militarily. This pact does not bind our alliances to help militarily, it just states we are more friendly than neutral and will help if possible. (Troops and Resources can be sent by temporarily joining each alliance.)

Neutral Pact: To agree to this pact mean our alliances are friendly with DePRAE and wishes no conflict but in turn is not obligated nor expected to help in any conflict or problem.

Truce Pact: To agree to this pact means both alliances agree to suspend all aggressive activity until further notice. To drop this pact you must inform us 4 days prior to voiding the pact.

DePRAE's Current Pact Status:

1. Fallout:

2. Phalanx:

3. Forever:

4. Luminati:

5. Kiera:

6. Dragon:

7. (Removed at Host Request from list.)

8. Templar:

9. Phalanx2:

10. ha~V~en:

11. AesSedai:

12. Goonies 3:

13. Spectres:

14. Rainbow:

15. 4EVR:

16. Dragon_X:

17. JERM:

18. Kiera:

19. Wrath:

20. Kelshing:

21. Crazzy-88

DePRAE Diplomatic Pacts. Mariosigcopy-2
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DePRAE Diplomatic Pacts.
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