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"Oderint Dum Metuan" (Latin: Let them hate so long as they fear.)
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 R~T~H coalition

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PostSubject: R~T~H coalition   R~T~H coalition I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 08, 2010 7:48 pm


States claimed:


To [Nesfuratu]: you on?
<20:34>From [Nesfuratu] : yes
To [Nesfuratu]: I've talked to my coalition and I can't comit them yet, but I can go blue with you for that cool?
<20:35>From [Nesfuratu] : if we go blue we ask that you do the same for our entire coalition. is that agreeable?
To [Nesfuratu]: ok, who is in your coalition?
<20:36>From [RandyDaniels] : Hey Boyd, How does515,28 look. My other city is 509,14 15miles away
To [RandyDaniels]: sounds good...nice spot
To [Nesfuratu]: wow, that is alot of alliances...Can we set them neutral (no hit list) and go blue with you?
<20:38>From [Nesfuratu] : we have a one or none policy. im sure you understand. its just a coalition agreement
<20:38>From [Nesfuratu] : talk to whoever you have to and if you end up wanting to set us all friendly just let me know
<20:40>From [Nesfuratu] : anything else you would like to discuss?
To [Nesfuratu]: ok, I hesitate to go blue with that many right off the bat...can we go neutral with you all now while I work out the way ahead w/ my coalit
<20:40>From [Nesfuratu] : sure just leave us grey and let me know what you guys decide. also do tell your coalition that we ask that all none RTH coalition members...
<20:41>From [Nesfuratu] : withdraw from the 3 states i mentioned in that letter and we will pull all of our guys here and out of their states
To [Nesfuratu]: ok, do you speak for all the alliances in your coalition?
<20:42>From [Nesfuratu] : normally there is a long debate process but for the next two weeks ive been granted general decision making power to make things easier.
<20:42>From [Nesfuratu] : so yes for most matters i speak for us all.
To [Nesfuratu]: ok, good to know, do you want to put each other on our no hit lists at this time?
<20:43>From [Nesfuratu] : for now that is fine. do understand we will give a grace period for people to port but plz ask your coalition to leave our areas b/c we plan
<20:44>From [Nesfuratu] : to secure the state to ourselves. just making sure i get that out there so there is no confusion that gets in the way later
To [Nesfuratu]: I understand what you of our alliances wants Friesland, so we need to talk about that
<20:44>From [Nesfuratu] : there are already 6 alliances moving into friesland not all of them ours
[Alliance Msg]: Our alliance recognize Diplomatic Relationship with alliance [R~T~H] as Neutral.
<20:44>From [Nesfuratu] : who in your group plans on moving there?
<20:45>From [ruling] : np
[Alliance Msg]: Alliance [R~T~H] recognizes Diplomatic Relationship with us as Neutral.
To [Nesfuratu]: Bombarda is our group
<20:45>From [Nesfuratu] : yes i already spoke to them and came to an understanding with them to defend the area together
To [Nesfuratu]: perfect...that is good news!
To [Nesfuratu]: until next time then, and nice to meet you
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R~T~H coalition
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