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 Spying, What You Should Know

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Spying, What You Should Know Empty
PostSubject: Spying, What You Should Know   Spying, What You Should Know I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 7:27 am

Hello to everyone

I have been asked to put something in here regarding spying and what we do to counter it. This is only meant to be informative and to let everyone know that we are constantly on the lookout for these sort of people. So before anyone takes offence and complains this is not directed at anyone Very Happy

Spying is as much a part of this game as war and diplomacy and because of this there is always a chance one will get in.

What are the common signs

1. Someone who only ever lurks and never participates in chat.
2. Someone whos pres doesnt change much (usually spies are second accounts).
3. If they do participate then they are usually asking for information like where are you.
4. They wont show up in the war reports because they wont attack.
5. They often will refuse to help others in the alliance saying they need help them selves.

this isnt a comple list but u get the picture.

All the officers of DePRAE are on the lookout for sus behaviour the list above is only an indication and we employ a host of other methods for finding spies. Remember our job is to find and eliminate them and their job is to remain hidden.

Any spy that is found will be destroyed Mad

So on the flip side what we expect is for our members to be active players and at least let people know you are around even if you dont want to actively participate say HI to one of the officiers online for example and let us get to know you we dont bite !! at least unless you ask nicely.
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Spying, What You Should Know
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