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 Upgrading Valleys

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Upgrading Valleys Empty
PostSubject: Upgrading Valleys   Upgrading Valleys I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 21, 2009 2:18 am

As with all things EVO we learn as we go, I was chatting the other night and was later asked to add some of the advice given in the form of a guide. Specifically some info relating to the behavior of valleys, so here goes.

As you may be aware the server hosting our little world is reset for various reasons each day. One of the side effects of this is any valley not owned by a player will increase its level by 1 until it reaches level 10 and then on the next reset it will return to level 1. In addition to this we need to know that a valley owned by a player will not change its level.

What this means is that effectively, if you are smart about it, you can upgrade the level of your valleys.

Here are the steps that I personally follow

1. 15 minutes before the server resets you get a message telling you that the server is going to restart. Wait 10 minutes and then abandon the valley you want to upgrade.
2. Once you can log back into the game attack the valley and hey presto your level 9 lake is now level 10

It is that easy

A WORD OF WARNING you are abandoning your prized valley which means no one will know whose it is, the less time between abandoning it and retaking it the better
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Upgrading Valleys
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