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 Standing Guidance

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PostSubject: Standing Guidance   Standing Guidance I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 17, 2009 10:26 pm

Things in server 25 have changed dramatically since some of the posts on our forums were written. Hence it is necessary to update some of the recommendations and guidance that has been published here. Rather then search through and edit/reply to every post I think needs to be updated, I will consolidate it here for easy reference.

Optimized City structure:
It is still true that every city needs 15-18 barracks. What has changed is what you should base that decision on. I'm working off the assumption you have maxed your technology so there is no dillema about replacing workshops, forges, Stables, and perhaps the Inn if you are happy with your current heros. Now the question is 'How many cottages do I need to keep?' I previously stated that 9 lvl 9 or 10 cottages was recommended. Now I think it needs to be a little smarter then that. It is going to depend on what you are producing for resources, and how much idol population you have when your population is stable. The guiding principle is to maximize the number of barracks to minimize the training time for a particular block of troops. So if you conquer a lvl 10 npc, and you leave the 37 farms in place for food production, you might only need 6 lvl 10 cottages giving yur city a stable population of 33,000 which is more then enough to staff the farms, giving you room for 19 barracks! This also assumes you set your production rates to 0 when you cue troops, then set them back up to 100% so as your population recovers, so does your resource production. If you have a city with mostly iron mines, these take twice as many people to staff, so you will need 9 lvl 9 cottages minimum. If you have all saw mils, 7 lvl 10 cottages, or 8 lvl 9 cottages will do giving you one or two more barracks. If you have mixed production cities, once you get your resource fields the way you want them, use your idol population as your guide. If you have more then 5k idol population, knock down a cottage, and build a barracks. Repeat this until your idol population is under 5k. This will optimize every city for troops production. Now you just need to keep the resources flowing (from farming/hunting) to keep the barracks working. As a goal, never let your barracks sit idol!

Army size and composition:
We have fought many wars since we last talked about army size, and we have learned from them all.
-From our wars with Noxxis and Peace, we learned the value of the 100k archer wave. We already knew range fighters were important, but we learned clearly that balistas and catapults are just too slow, eat too much food, and take too long to build compared to archers. Archers are the backbone of any attack army, and the ability to send multiple 100k archer waves was often the most important factor in determining who won a particular fight. From this experience, we set goal of maintaining 200k archers in every city, allowing us to reinforce our own cities and other alliance member citys when attacks. If under attack, our goal was to have 500k archers on the walls between reinforcements and our own archers.
-From our war with MINE, we learned the value of 100k cav waves. From this experience, we set a goal of haveing 150k cav total for all the officers and anyone else who wanted to participate at that level (not per city, just 150k total) They can move from city to city and state to state very quickly, so you don't need this many in every city because you can move them 200 miles in 30 minutes with lvl 10 relief stations in both cities.
-From our war with Exodus, we (re)learned the value of preventing enemies from scouting. What was new was that we saw every Exodus city had over 350k scouts and even when we sent 125k scouting waves, they would only kill about 30k. Thus we set a goal for every city in a war zone to have 350k scouts. This will force an enemy to spend around 1 Mil in scouts trying to get a scout, which will limit or eliminate their ability to send scout bombs from the same player.
-Most recently, from our war with KotRT, we learned the necessity of scout bombs. Not only do you need scouts to prevent enemies from scouting you, but you also need to be able to coordinate several 100k scout bombs to hit a target before sending archers or cav to their meaningless death against cities with 500k archers on their walls. So we asked everyone not actively fighting to help produce scouts for us, then coordinated their scout bombs to hit before our main waves hit. This is a good way for smaller players to make significant contributions to the war effort without sending a city into combat or having to worry about producing all the other troops listed above.
-In other minor battles, we have seen that 100k warriors are very effective in defense, and can be rebuilt very quickly when wiped out. 10k transports are required to plunder cities with 100 Mil in loot. 10k pike and sword are necessary to maintain both offensive and defensive rainbow capability during battles. Finally, 3k balista are required to be able to farm lvl 5 npcs, even while under attack during wars to prevent starvation.
-So in summary, to be a major contributor in a war, you need an army that looks like: 100k warrior, 350k scouts, 10k swordsmen, 10k pike, 200k archers, 150k cav, 50k cataphrac, 10k transports, and 3k balistas per war city. Some people can maintain this size army in 1 city using all other cities to produce troops and food, while others can keep this size force in 6 or 7 cities. When you can maintain this size army, and you have 18k Towers on lvl 10 walls, you can officially say you have a war city, and this is the city you should plan to teleport into battle.

Tactical skills/Training:
Some skills can be tried and practiced on npcs before they are needed in combat with other players.
1. You should be able to cue 10 waves of troops to hit all within a 20 second window. Do this using the camp timer for the first three waves, then reducing the delay by 1 minute, sending 3 more waves in the same window, then reducing the timer 1 more minute and getting the final 4 waves out the door so that all 10 waves hit in a 20 second window. Practice this with standard npc farming waves to make sure you have no losses. It is great training and will get you used to using the camp function.
2. You should be able to time scout waves to hit at the same second as a main wave. Again, practice this by sending a standard farming mission to an npc, then cue up a scout wave and either wait, or use the camp function, to time the scouts to hit in the exact same second. In training, send the scouts in scout mode so you have no losses, but in combat, this is how you will send scout bombs times to hit the same second your main wave hits.
3. You should be able to scout, read the report, and recall a main wave within 30 seconds. To practice, send a npc farming mission, send a scout mission timed to hit 30 seconds prior to the farming mission and then wait. When the scouts hit, open the report, scroll down to the troops, and for training, recall the farming wave before it hits. This is obviously required before hitting a player to check for last minute reinforcements.
4. There are other advanced tactics you can and should read about in the Evo Guide channel and it is up to you to practice them if you want to before trying them in combat. In general, if you are board, then train.

I hope this was all useful. I want every officer to be capable of both doing these things and teaching them to others. As a goal, every officer should have 2 war cities minimum, and I also want players over 750k prestige to build and maintain at least 1 war city. I challenge you to beat me with my 6 war cities.

Good hunting, and happy holidays. santa

P.S. If you have questions or want to start a discussion, don't reply to this post, but start a new thread in this channel so we can focus on one topic per thread.
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Standing Guidance
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