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"Oderint Dum Metuan" (Latin: Let them hate so long as they fear.)
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 Bombarda vs. Forever

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Bombarda vs. Forever Empty
PostSubject: Bombarda vs. Forever   Bombarda vs. Forever I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 22, 2009 9:39 pm

To [Elizabeth1]: I got your message...
To [Elizabeth1]: looks like you have built a nice coalition...gratz
<22:32>From [Elizabeth1] : captcrazy said to declare on them
<22:33>From [Elizabeth1] : ty, but have no idea why some declared lol
<22:33>From [Elizabeth1] : we have been hitting kotrt4
To [Elizabeth1]: our clan has been friends with Forever for a long time, but have been estranged by Noway latley
<22:34>From [Elizabeth1] : he is the reason we are at war now, he had members take more of my 10's
To [Elizabeth1]: not cool...
To [Elizabeth1]: if we went to neutral with them, but offered some of our friends asylum in DePRAE would you be ok with that?
<22:35>From [Elizabeth1] : nope this is the 8th one they have taken from me
<22:35>From [Elizabeth1] : yes would be ok with that : )
To [Elizabeth1]: our clan has decided you're our first priority, but we want to respect the relationship we had with Forever too
To [Elizabeth1]: we are willing to declare on them if you ask it of us
<22:36>From [Elizabeth1] : we can understand if you do not want to declare
To [Elizabeth1]: very good...thank you...I will proceed with the offer of asylum as briefed
<22:37>From [Elizabeth1] : kk tyvm : )

Then after talking to our clan I contacted Noway:

o [noway2]: still on?
To [noway2]: I have permission from Bomb to offer anyone in Forever asylum in DeP...they will be safe once they move
<22:43>[Doc Mengele]: asha will help us out
<22:43>[Doc Mengele]: to the best of there ability
To [noway2]: what do you think?
To [noway2]: they will be pizzed at us?
<22:45>From [Noway2] : no, at me!
To [Noway2]: can you hold out against Bomb, Asha, and Exodus?
<22:46>From [Noway2] : doin well so far:)
To [Noway2]: glad to hear it...if things go bad, I hope you keep the offer in your hip pocket for anyone who needs it
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Bombarda vs. Forever
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