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 How 2 Attack!

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How 2 Attack! Empty
PostSubject: How 2 Attack!   How 2 Attack! I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 16, 2009 5:44 pm

This guide is designed for you newer guys who have now gotten strong enough where you can help participate in our wars! By this I mean you have over 100k archers and about 200k scouts. DePRAE always messages a city before we attack as a curtisy. (unless flagged red) We always conquer red flagged cities we attack; no survivors.

As always Send your waves within 10 seconds of each other to prevent the enemy from swinging his gate open and closed. (Use the Camp Timer tool)

- Attacking a city with 17k Archer Towers (AT's)

You will need: (This is called a basic Rainbow Attack)

1. Preferably a lvl 10 ralley spot or a ralley spot using a war ensign to send 100k troops.
a. 98000 Archers
b. 100 warriors
c. 100 workers
d. 100 scouts
e. 100 pikemen
f. 100 swordmen
g. 1 calv
h. 1 cataphract
i. Transports are optional. Leave them off if you want to shorten your attack time.
- You should only have around 20k archer losses.

- Attacking a city with 17k AT's as well as 100k + archers for defense

You will need:

1. Preferably a lvl 10 ralley spot or use a war ensign to be able to send 100k troops.
a. 1-3 groups of 100k scouts
- You will send 1-3 waves of 100k scouts in attack mode to soften up the enemies defenses.
b. 1 - 2 waves of 100k warriors. (to soften the defenses even further) Warrior waves need to have rainbow as well!!!
c. send 2-4 waves or until good of 98k archers with basic rainbow setup . (means 10-100 of every unit)
- You will suffer some losses attacking a city this strong. will loose approximately 200k scouts, 200k wars, and around 20k-80k archers.

Every wave you send to attack another city needs to have a rainbow, there are only a few exceptions! SCout bombs do not need rainbow due to fact that their strength lies in their speed adding rainbow would slow them down and reduce their effectiveness. 100k Calv, do not need rainbow they are generally special cleanup and rely on speed, same with cataphract.
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How 2 Attack!
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