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 noob's - a building trick

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PostSubject: noob's - a building trick   Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:02 am

Many noob's build their town hall, walls and troops as fast as they can and then get all upset when they get plundered ... over and over and over.

I am helping someone else start an account from scratch and we have built build a town from scratch and we are just short of 100K prestige and have never been scouted or attacked.

We have never run out resources and in fact have millions in resources and yet have built no defenses, no army and my town hall is only lvl3. The town is 100% self sufficient and even if it was to get plundered tomorrow it would not stop growing. It could get plundered every single day and it will continue to grow.

Part of the reason for that is as I mentioned, It is 100% self suffient, but just as important is that we don't cash in awards from the quests. If some one plunders us we cash in just enough at time to que up some building upgrades,etc.

The secret to not getting plundered in the first place is that is that no one looks twice at a town with a lvl3 townhall or less because it looks like a tiny little deserted village just like 1000's of other tiny little deserted villages. People seem to think it is their walls that make the village look bigger but it isn't. You can have lvl 9 walls and if your townhall is lvl3 then your town still looks like a starter village.

We will start building scouts soon and will build no other type of troops until we have 50K of scouts. While that is going on we will be upgrading the walls because every other building will have been upgraded as far as they can be upgraded already.

We currently have 10 cottages and 10 barracks which means no warehouse which is no loss at all cause we have resources stored in the Quest awards. Later in the game warehouses are a complete waste of space and get torn down so I we are saving time and resources as well.

Bottom-line is by the time anyone notices this town it will at least a lvl8 wall with full defenses, 50K scouts, 30k archers and well over 100K prestige. At that point we will start upgrading the townhall and I bet most of the players around the town will think it teleported there fully built.

Another piece of advice for you all.

DO NOT BUILD MORE TOWNS TILL U CAN PROTECT THE ONE YOU HAVE! It is a waste of time and resources and accomplishes nothing except to make your self a bigger target. I have 668K of prestige and I own 3 towns and have never owned more. My approach is to not built/take another town until I can move enough troops into it that it is fully defended the day I take it.

Stop attracting attention by trying to look big. Look small and be big if you want to survive.
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PostSubject: Re: noob's - a building trick   Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:05 pm

It is 5 days since my first post and the the experiment continues. It has become more my experiment now as the person who owns the account has been to busy to do much so the the growth suffered greatly. I've taken over for the most part.

Regardless, the town is now 148556 prestige (and to refresh you it was under 100K 5 days ago and the town is 3 weeks old)
The town still has no troops of any type and it still looks like a tiny deserted noob village and as a result I've never been scouted or attacked.

Resources sit at
2 mil gold
540k food
1 mil wood
2.4 mil stone
4.8 mil iron
100's of 1000's of resources are stored in the unclaimed quests I've completed.

It is my belief that with out upgrading my town hall past lvl3 I will be able to build pretty much all the buildings to lvl9 (except the cottages) and I'll get most all the techs up there as well. I'm about 1/2 way there now.

I will build my wall up to lvl9 and build 30 k scouts before I add any wall defenses or start building any type of offensive troop.

All in all its going pretty darn good. I hope to hit 300k prestige within another 10 days
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PostSubject: It's a winner   Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:33 pm

This tactic shown above doe's work its good for when your city has been rared and you need to escape being found or don't wont a bullseye target writeen on your forehead so if you don't think you can play with the big boys don't look like it.
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PostSubject: Re: noob's - a building trick   

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noob's - a building trick
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