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 Chat Rules of Engagement (ROE)

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PostSubject: Chat Rules of Engagement (ROE)   Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:17 pm

A few rules for everyone to adhere to in the alliance chat window.

1. Everone types in lower case unless your city is under attack (not your valley)
- if your valley is under attack, your alert bird will flash, so you have to check the enemy movement page of your reports to know if it is a city or valley coming under attack.

2. No friendly coords in open chat. Whisper friendly coords in every case except 1 (under attack below)
- Enemy coords in the open chat is fine

3. When ever you log in, say hello in open chat. Do not just 'monitor' the chat window. This helps us determine who is hiding from us, and thus who may be a spy. The officers will periodically check the 'last online' page and will take note of guys who repeatedly violate this rule, then report this info to me.

-----------------IF UNDER ATTACK----------------------------

1. If your city is under attack, hit the caps lock and type everything in capital letters so guys who just log in know what is going on
- the first thing you type is 'NEED HELP (xx, yyy) ETA hh🇲🇲ss' (always use eta, not server time)
- xx, yyy is the city being attacked, this is the one and only time you send friendly coords in the clear (the enemy already knows your location)
- the second thing you type is 'I HAVE xxxxATs AND xxxk ARCHERS AT THIS CITY'
- naturally, move as many reinforcements to your own city as you can

2. No one chit-chats while the attack is under way, senior officer on at the time is in charge of the defense, everyone else checks the distance of their 2 closest cities to the city under attack and time for archers to arrive then waits for the senior officer to conduct a roll call

3. Senior officer types 'Roll Call' after first two lines above from the one needing help
- everyone online at the time chimes in with 'xxxk archers, mm:ss away'
- hopefully at least 7 or 8 lines come in, everyone online should type 2 lines, one for each of their 2 closest cities
- senior officer then organizes the defense as necessary asking the guy under attack about the size of the attack, his embassy lvl, wall height, and resources in the city under attack. Senior officer decides if the city is defensible and orders reinforcements, or if the attack will be allowed to hit, and we preserve resources by moving them out. The senior officer will also decide the tactical timing of the arrival of reinforcements to fool the last minute scout if appropriate.

4. If multiple attacks are under way, a different officer will focus on each attack if possible. After the roll call answers, if multiple attacks are ongoing, the senior officer will do command and control in whisper mode to minimize clutter in other guys chat windows.

If you have questions about this ROE, ask, if you just want to agree, tell me in the chat window so we keep this thread focused on the ROE and clarification of anything that isn't well understood.
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Chat Rules of Engagement (ROE)
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