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 Medals - the truth and the technique

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PostSubject: Medals - the truth and the technique   Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:45 am

The drop rate is roughly 1% per medal regardless of the type of medal. The only variable is that certain types of medals are found in specific lvl's of valleys or NPC's.

The type of valley does not effect anything. Troop losses does not effect anything. Int of your hero does not effect anything. Type of troops does not effect anything.
  • Cross, Rose - lvl1 - lvl4 Valleys
  • Lion - lvl1 - lvl6 Valleys, lvl1 - lvl3 NPCs
  • Honor - lvl1 - lvl4 NPCs
  • Courage - lvl1 - lvl5 NPCs
  • Freedom - lvl4 - lvl5 NPCs
  • Wisdom - lvl5 and up and NPCs

The only thing that effects anything is the number of attacks you do and how lucky you get. Seven roses should take you roughly 700 attacks but hte 1% drop rate is averaged out over much more then just 100 so if get lucky you might get them in 400 or if unlucky it might take 1500.

So here is how you farm for medals
  • 1. u want a lvl 8 or 9 feast hall in a city and a lvl 8 or 9 rally point.
  • 2. choose a valley that is 1 mile away which means a valley one square away.
  • 3. Have a valley slot open on the town your attacking from.
  • 4. Attack the lvl 1-3 valley next to your town. If its level 1 you can do it with 30 archers, lvl 2 with 70, lvl 3 with 100.
  • 5. Keep the attack menu open and count off 6 seconds and send another attack. Repeat til you are out of heroes.
  • 6. Now click on overview and then valleys. Wait for the 1st attack to capture the valley. Immediately click view -> abandon -> ok. Repeat till all attacks are done. *helpful hint* -> If you click on the troops button while the overview windows is open it will allow you to see the edge of the troop sliders which is enough to tell when a vally has been captured. You can also just click the valley button repeatedly in the overview window. Each time you click it it will refresh the valley view. I use a combo of both methods.
  • 7. When those armies return send them out again immediately.
  • 8. With practice you can be doing this simultaneously out of two cities

Two towns should be able to do approx 150 attacks per hour.

Thats it. All that other shit is just shit.
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PostSubject: Re: Medals - the truth and the technique   Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:20 pm

Ya, I did this method for a little bit to get enough rose medals to get my third town, and it works really well. You get so many attacks in. I got around 3 rose medals in about an hour.
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Medals - the truth and the technique
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